I've heard of people having lead in their ass, but never, ever have I heard of someone injecting butts with this. 

Oneal Ron Morris of Miami Gardens, Florida is under arrest for giving people fake butt injections.

The criminal complaint says that Morris is a fake doctor and was giving herself and her "patients" butt injections with a mix of cement, Fix A Flat and super glue. Not only is she a fake doctor, she's the spokesperson for the mixture because she holds the world record for largest butt and it can't be natural. Her measurements are judged to be 38" bust, 30" waist and 95" hips thanks to her ridonkulous badonkadonk.

The reason Morris is under arrest is because a victim came forward after being hospitalized with serious medical problems thanks to the cement/Fix A Flat/super glue super combo and police are now hoping others come forward so they can build a case and put this quack in the clink for a long, long time.

By the way, Oneal Ron Morris is a transgendered person. He had reassignment surgery to make him a woman. Good luck in prison.