Police in Redding, California have released this surveillance video in hopes of capturing a wanted perpetrator. Or because it's awesome.

We don't care which.

The Redding Times is reporting that their local police department uploaded the footage "in an effort to apprehend this criminal" who tried to break into a convenience store earlier this month. We assume the charges will be mostly fashion-related.

This guy is no Bilbo Baggins, that's for sure. The inept goober not only walks by and looks into the window BEFORE putting his mask on, in an effort to case the place, but he grabs a nearby rock and hurls it at the window. Despite his "Hulk-like" physique, the rock only manages to trip the alarm, which scares the dude off, who then trips himself during a Keystone cops-induced getaway on foot.

To the Redding Police Department: Well played, sirs. Well played.

Oh and if you could just humm the Benny Hill Theme in your head while watching, that would be great.