If you've ever seen your grandparents argue, chances are it was more like bickering than actual fighting. And according to Daily Mail, that might be part of the reason they're still together.

Researchers followed 127 middle-aged and older couples for 13 years, and observed how they argued about everything from housework to raising children.

They found that when older couples started arguing about something they both had strong feelings about, they were more likely to CHANGE THE SUBJECT than younger couples.

That's partly because they'd most likely fought over the same thing in the past, and they'd rather avoid re-hashing an old fight.

So this doesn't mean newlyweds should avoid every fight by changing the subject.

In fact, researchers said that would probably be bad, because young couples need to fight so they can work through problems and identify common goals.

But over time, couples who stay together tend to avoid more fights by changing the subject. It's not clear if that's because they're more mature, they've been together longer, or both.