You hear me on the air everyday and (hopefully) enjoy me talking to you! How well do you really know me? Here's a few things you probably didn't know about me.

I'm certain I suffer from ADD. Daily, I walk into a room wondering why I went in there. As much as I'd love to read a book, it's impossible to do. I'd have to read the page 3 times before I remembered what I just read (no joke!). My wife has to say "help me forget to..." if she wants me to remind her to do something. If you ever her dead-air on the radio station, it's likely I saw a squirrel.

The "boxers or briefs" question doesn't apply to me. It's not cause I go commando, it's because I wear the combo undies - boxer briefs. Boxers are too baggy and bunch up under my pants, plus they have zero support. Briefs are awful and ugly, AND have seams in the most uncomfortable places. A boxer brief is the perfect combo in my opinion.

I barely graduated Fridley High School in 1991. My senior year I hardly turned anything in and had to take summer school to be even considered for graduation. Is it true that a school can put a student through because they want their misery to end? There's been many nights I've woke up from having nightmares about being in high school as an adult, and still having no clue what's due in class for assignments. I'm surprised I went to broadcasting school actually!

I've been a serious pool player since I was 14 years old. This may have attributed to my terrible grades in school, and I don't recommend a pool hall as a hangout for a young teenager. My favorite game of pool is 9-ball, cause it's quick and easy when there's a stake on the line. I love a challenge and wish there were more pool halls in Minnesota. Yes, I have a pool table in my home.

I'm married and have 2 kids. Nothing is better than a happy marriage, and my wife 'Ali' should get the "Wife of the Year" award every year in my opinion. She lovingly puts up with a husband that's a pool addicted, academically challenged, radio DJ who can't keep a thought straight. My son is almost 14 and my daughter is 26.

Oh there's so much more I could tell, but that's for a different time. Hope you found me mildly interesting.

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