We all do it, or at least most of us do this.  I will admit to some, but not nearly as bad as some others of my family members. I'm talking about feeding the dog people food from your plate.  The biggest thing with me is I don't like the dog begging.  It's annoying.  My husband would call himself more of a softy when it comes to letting our dog have some of our people food.

There are some people foods that are ok to give to your dog.  Some seem pretty obvious, while others are like "they can have that"?

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According to the AKC (American Kennel Club)- these are some of the foods that are on the "ok" list to feed your pet.

  • BREADS- You can feed your dog small portions of plain bread.  Here's the thing- it won't harm your dog, but there are no health benefits either.
  • CASHEWS- Your dog can eat some cashews.  Just a few.  Often we hear that nuts are harmful to dogs.  That is true, but some are ok in very small portions.  They can provide some important nutrients, but they can lead to increase in weight, so make sure only a few are given, and also make sure they are unsalted.
  • CHEESE- As long as your dog isn't lactose intolerant (how would you know?) but anyway, you can give your dog small amounts of cheese.  Best to choose lower fat cheeses like mozzerella or cottage cheese.  Cheese is great to hide medication in if needed.
  • COCONUT- I've never actually thought about giving my dog any coconut. But apparently it's ok.  It actually can combate viruses and bacteria.  Great! It can also aid in freshening breath and aleviating some skin conditions like "hot spots".
  • EGGS- Eggs?  Yep, they are ok.  BUT, they do need to be fully cooked.
  • HAM- Yes, it's ok.  But it's really not that healthy. Just like for people- it's a bit high in sodium.

For more foods that are good, and bad for your furry friend, check out the AKC website. 

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