Even though we all know this is going to be super weird celebrating the outgoing totally "yuck" year of 2020. And I think it's pretty safe to say we are all happy to say good bye to this year and to usher in an new year, things are looking different... again.  But  there are still ways to celebrate the new year and have some fun with it even if you are adhering to the COVID protocols that are recommended.

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There are definitely things that we can do to still have some fun for the end of the year celebrations. And this year, of all years, would  have been nice to be able to celebrate in a BIG WAY.  Such is not the case.  So, there are some ways that we can still do something fun.

8 Ways to Ring in the New Year Pandemic Style

Whatever way you choose to ring in the new year, let's make sure that we don't take for granted what we have been able to do in other years.  And apply that to the new year.  Make the most of the relationships with family and friends that you haven't been able to see nearly as much as you have in previous  years.

Let's make 2021 the BEST!

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