Are you one of those people that loves to find a great, home cookin' kind of restaurant, that other people don't know about? You're not the only one. You, me, and even celebrities can appreciate the amazing hidden treasures of restaurants that can stand the test of time with their home-cooked meals, delicious breakfasts, and affordable prices.

One of the Academy of Country Music Award nominees has given an incredible shout-out to a Moose Lake, Minnesota restaurant called Art's Cafe. Unfortunately, Art's Cafe, which was located at 200 Arrowhead Lane, Moose Lake, Minnesota, recently closed after 14 years in business.


Who is the artist that gave them a great big shout-out? Jelly Roll! He ate at the restaurant back in 2016, before any of us knew who he was, and even left a special message about the place on his Facebook page. You can read the message by clicking HERE. NOTE: THERE ARE PROFANITIES.

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Art's Cafe was loved by many and even those people who happened to find the small restaurant said that the staff was as amazing as their prices were. They boasted about 49-cent coffee, and if you got there early enough, you could even get in on the early-risers doughnuts before they were all gone.

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I wonder if Jelly Roll stopped by before they closed their doors in 2020, if the restaurant would have made a difference in keeping Art's Cafe open?


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