I'll start off with letting you know it was a Bryan Adams concert. So, in my opinion, it was probably be worth it, right? I'm guessing her favorite song must have been "Cuts Like a Knife".

This happened back in July when Bryan Adams was doing a concert in Newfoundland, Canada. Note that Canadians take their Bryan Adams pretty damn seriously. But this might have been taking it to seriously.

It all started when the girlfriend wanted to move up closer to the stage for a better view. Well, a guy sitting in the front row was not happy about her blocking his view of the stage. They got into an argument and the guy in the front row seat took out his phone to call police. The boyfriend then took the guy's phone and threw it.


Security arrived on the scene and booted the girl and her boyfriend from the venue. When they got home the girl blamed her boyfriend for getting them kicked out and stabbed him in the face.

She just had her first court appearance and was convicted of common assault. She'll be sentenced in May. No word on whether or not she's still with Scarface.

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