Adults?  Yes, I said adults spending too much time on their phone.  Do you sleep with your phone near you?  Do you use it as an alarm?


I feel like I am one of the last people on earth that still use a clock radio for an alarm.  I feel like it's way more dependable.  And doesn't run out of a charge.... and I'm not checking it 24/7, nor am I awakened by a notification that comes through randomly regarding some spam email that I don't really ever need to see.

There are some stats that claim adults are sometimes spending more time on their phones than their teenage children.  Sometimes it's an even split... even though adults like to claim that it's mostly the kids...

So, unless you are actually expecting a call from a teen who is out too late, or something REALLY important is going on... leave your phone on a charger in another room.


You'll probably sleep a lot better.  Try it.

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