I'm guessing that Alice Cooper's reason for cancelling his tour is because of COVID. Alice, who is in his 70's, is probably just playing it safe and I can't blame him even though my wife and I was looking forward to the show.


Several years ago, I took my wife to see Alice Cooper in concert.  My wife is not what you'd call a rock fanatic. She had heard of Alice but wasn't at all familiar with his music or anything else about him.

I took her backstage to meet Alice and I thought it would be just a "Hi, how are ya" and we're outta there.  Didn't quite work out that way. I bet Alice and my wife talked for almost a half an hour.

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They talked about kids, family being on the road, you name it they covered it. When we finally left, my wife in her innocent way said "What a nice man, we should've asked him out for dinner".

Anyway, so my wife is a kind of bummed also that Alice won't be at Moondance.  It also makes me a little sad that this could be the final Moondance Jam, ever.  I sure have had some good times up there in Walker and hope that maybe someone will buy the festival and keep it rockin'.

Despite Alice bowing out, it's still going to be a great weekend of music.  Halestorm was signed up to replace Alice Cooper.  Also performing this year is Todd Rundgren, Night Ranger, Grand Funk, Firehouse, Lit and more will be announced soon.

Moondance 30 is scheduled for July 22nd-24th and we hope to see you all up there.  For more info check out moondancejam.com 

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