Occasionally I peruse the realty market.  Especially right now with the housing market as it is, there are really not a lot of homes for sale... comparatively speaking.

This house caught my attention because it was a 4 bedroom home with 2 bathrooms. And only $175K.  That seems like a deal!  So, I had to check out the pictures.  There are 39 of them!  That's a lot.  But while checking out the photos a few things struck me as super weird.


First, this is a duplex, or could be used as a single family home, if you'd like.  That would be up to the buyer.  But it's possible to rent out part of it to someone, there are 2 kitchens... sort of.  The first kitchen does have newer looking appliances, but there are NO cabinets or counter space between the refrigerator and the oven.  How would you bring anything over to cook?  It's like here's a kitchen, bring your own cabinets and counters!  There are some cabinets and counterspace, across the room by the sink.  That's helpful.

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Moving on, there is the first bathroom.  The toilet looks to be sort of in the middle of the room.  Weird.  Why wouldn't it be pushed a bit closer to the wall???


Let's move on.  The second kitchen... the refrigerator is partially in front of a WINDOW!!!  Really???  Ok, why wouldn't you have that thing turned sideways?  But whatever, maybe that is something you could work on later.  Let's move on to the laundry which is in the basement.  Once you get past the point that it looks like a spider infested dungeon, and the fact that you'd have to carry laundry up and down this very small staircase that I'm not even sure you could fit a full laundry basket through, watch your step!  Let's just talk about how there is a LAWNMOWER in the basement!!!   Yep, you read that right...a lawnmower in the basement.  So many questions.  How did it even get there?  There doesn't seem to be a walk out. Plus, WHY??  Why is there a lawnmower in the basement?  Oh, and there is a gas can near it too.  That's super safe to have in the house, I mean, why not?


On the upside, there does seem to be some fresh paint and new carpet throughout the main floor of the home.  So ya' know, there's that.

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