Recently there was a bear shot and killed in the area of Lake Minnetonka. There was, not surprisingly, a bunch of animal activists crying foul because the bear was shot.  Did it need to be?  Why kill the bear?  Why not just use a tranquilizer?  These are all the questions that were asked after the bear was killed.  C'mon!!

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When I first heard about this, I myself said out loud (there was no one else in the room) "Because there was a bear!  Around families!"  I mean, seriously.  Why wouldn't you shoot the bear?  It was super close to a heavily populated area.  And the animal control people, or DNR said that tranquilizers generally don't work right away, the animal will generally run for a bit before collapsing.  This again, I reiterate, was in a residential area.  Why is this a question???

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This is Lord Fletcher's on Lake Minnetonka.  The bear was very near this restaurant. How would you like the uninvited guest coming to see you as you sat outside enjoying the view, lake, boat landing, etc?

I get that bears can occasionally come into the area where people are, and sometimes they do make their way out back into the wood where they belong.  But I wouldn't want a bear in my back yard where kids are playing.  Think about it, would you?