It’s safe to say that most people have some ridiculous stories of the crazy things they’ve done after having a few too many. But would you be willing to share those tales with total strangers? Well a Reddit user posted that question on the site and here are among the responses:


  • I peed on the floor, in my own house, drank an entire bottle of chocolate syrup and got pissed when I couldn't make chocolate milk cause "someone" drank all the syrup."


  • Hid slices of pizza everywhere. Freezer? Pizza. Silverware drawer? Pizza. Linen closet? Pizza. It took months to finally find the slice crammed into the fuse box."


  • I drank lotion. It was right next to bottle of water on my nightstand. My boyfriend walked in and had to wrestle me for it. I remember having a weird taste in my mouth when I woke up and my boyfriend had to explain it to me. I can't stand the smell of that lotion anymore."


  • Drunk me booked a holiday on a cruise ship. Called to try and explain that I was extremely intoxicated and never had any intentions to ever want to go on a cruise to which the phone operator couldn't stop laughing. I couldn't get a refund but they upgraded my room for free and I ended up going, Was pretty good.”


  • My friend once fell asleep in his bed while drunk and somehow woke up in a tree. Drunken sleepwalking?"


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