Brett James Stimac, 40, is in big trouble with Federal authorities. Stimac allegedly illegally tracked and killed a bear while trespassing on the Red Lake Indian Reservation. The Red Lake Band considers the bear a spiritual animal and forbids hunting on the reservation by non tribal members to hunt them.

Stimac stated on Facebook "Got it done last night [sic] with an absolute giant over 700 lbs.,”. After killing the bear with a compound bow, he was unable to move the massive carcass, so he sawed off the head and paws, took some meat and left the carcass. He also attempted to skin the animal, but failed.


Stimac has a history of illegal hunting and has been convicted in the past for illegally transporting big game, baiting deer and several charges of hunting without a proper license. Authorities seized bear meat from Stimac's home and confiscated the bears head from a taxidermist.

Stimac will appear in front of a federal magistrate.  I hope they throw the book at him.

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