I was sad to see that Bubba's in Sauk Rapids was up for sale. As long as I've been in the St Cloud area Bubba's has been a mainstay. Owners looking at retirement and I can;t blame them. Hospitality business can be a grueling business. Daughter, Libby moving on to other things, as well.


The Loon staff always enjoyed working with Bubba's during their fun promotions. The Wild Game Feed, cooking up Booja out back and Rib Fest outside with a live band.in the middle of July every year. Always friendly people hanging out there, not to mention, some pretty good food there also.

They will get new owners and I hope they are as cool as the current ones. It was always a good experience working with the people there. Working with Libby was great and on a side note, there's no one that looks better in a pair of leather pants than Libby.(and I mean that in the most married way)

The Loon is wishing the best for the entire Bubba's crew and hope the next team is as cool.

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