I'm a person with a very queezy tummy.  There isn't much that I eat that's super weird.  But if you ask my husband, I like lima beans and he that's super strange.  But whatever.  He likes sauerkraut.  That stuff is really disgusting.  I already know- unpopular opinion.  But I really don't like that stuff, how can you even get past the smell??  Yuck.

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But anyway, yesterday I asked what are some of the unusual food combinations that you all like.  We got some seriously strange answers to that question.

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Check out some of the results of the "unusual food combination" question on our Facebook page:

First- people putting weird stuff in their Mac and Cheese.  Ketchup, apparently mustard sometimes, and anything other than a hot dog.  Just odd.

Someone mentioned Tuna and peanut butter sandwich.  (barf) Sorry if that's offensive, but ewww.

A burger with bacon and peanut butter- I'll admit that there is NOTHING wrong with that combo.  YUM!

How about Spagettios out of the can with a lot of sunflower seeds?  Ok, that's just weird.  Why the sunflower seeds?  Do they add some fiber?

Here's one- toast, butter, peanut butter (seems a little redundant, but ok) add some grape jelly (still good) then add POTATO CHIPS??  Hmmm

How about this one, someone commented that  they had a family friend that ate blue cheese salad dressing and chocolate syrup on his ice cream

Here's one- cottage cheese, siracha and diced jalapeno pepper.  Well, it might speed up your metabolism.  Awfully spicey, sir!

That's just to name a few from our Facebook post.  Like to see some more?  Check this out.

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