It seems that you find the most interesting places to eat when you explore Minnesota lakes country. They all seem to have their own charm but many have interesting history and even some hard and fast traditions.

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I were up at the family cabin near Detroit Lakes. Some good friends of ours were visiting from California and after a few hours out on the lake we decided it was time to eat something.



We decided on a popular restaurant that has been around since I can remember, The Bridge Bar, Grill and Marina. This place is always a great time. The restaurant sits by a marina that is just off Detroit Lake.

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It has pretty good food, nothing fancy, just good solid bar type food and of course adult beverages. Most days they feature live entertainment outside, where the majority of tables are. Island type bands on weekends are my favorite.


Next to the marina and restaurant is a bridge. It's been tradition to jump from the bridge while you are there. It's mostly younger people that take the plunge and the funny thing is, that there is a sign on the bridge stating that it's illegal to jump off the bridge.



Never have heard of anyone being cited our fined for jumping from the bridge and it's been going on for decades.

Next time you are up in the Detroit Lakes area, stop in to the Long Bridge Bar, Grill and Marina for a unique experience. If you feel adventurous, take a plunge off the bridge, just to say you did.

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