I guess it's a matter of "keeping up with the Jones'".  Coca-Cola has announced that they will be launching a new line of seltzer waters in 2020.  Mostly to compete with LaCroix water.

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They are hoping that this will give them the burst of business that they feel is needed.  AHA will replace the Dasani sparkling water, and will come in several flavors.

Coca-Cola said Thursday it will launch a new seltzer brand dubbed “AHA” in March 2020, which the beverage giant claims is its biggest new product release in a decade. AHA will come in eight flavors, including two (Citrus Green Tea and Black Cherry + Coffee) with 30 mg of caffeine that take early aim at popular caffeinated seltzer Hi-Ball from Anheuser Busch. The line will also look to gain market share from PepsiCo’s surging Bubly line — a brand it too started from scratch back in 2018.

Seltzer waters have been super popular... and this isn't even the alcoholic ones!  But it does act as a good mix for vodka... according to a friend (ahem).

Coke added it will introduce new still water flavors to its Smartwater line in 2020, too.

The water overhaul is welcome news for investors.

Cheers to new seltzer waters.