The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has officially put out the word for help incinerating one thousand pounds of marijuana and hour. I guess, you really have to love weed or hate weed to take this gig.

According to Houston TV station, KHOU, the DEA is looking for a company that can

Hamas Police Burn Confiscated Drugs In Gaza
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incinerate various items like paperwork, cassette tapes and various confiscated items. One thing that really stood out in the job's description was the ability to burn one thousand pounds of pot an hour for a minimum of eight hours a day.


I know some people that can sure burn their share of pot but this is even beyond their capacity. The DEA claimed they have received a lot of interested applicants but said a great many withdrew their applications after finding out that a background check and drug test may be required.

I suggest a huge bonfire at the beach every Friday night til it's all gone.

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