Dear Baxter,

I recently met what I thought was the girl of my dreams. We seemed to hit if off right away. Early on she started to complain about having to rely on others for transportation. I decided to cosign a loan so she could buy a car to get her around. I had no idea how much "getting around" she was going to do. People started telling me they saw her new car in front of this guy's house and that guy's house. Well, you get the picture. She won't return my calls and to make things even worse, she hasn't made one payment on the car. Any Advice?

Leo from Big lake, MN


Here's my response:

Leo, Leo, Leo,

How does that old saying go? "Don't put the car before the whore" or the cart before the horse, anyway, you get the idea. Have the a professional repo the car and sell it to recoup any losses. Sorry you are out of luck, I would think,on recouping your relationship. Consider yourself lucky. Hope this helps.



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