Hello Baxter,

Let me start with I'm a huge Vikings fan. Waiting for the season to start just about kills me. Yesterday, my wife informed me I would not be able to watch Monday's game because, get this, we will be attending a "couple's shower" that night. Whatever this ill timed circus is, it's for her co-worker who I have never met and I was good with that. Why would someone have a couples shower. I thought those showers were just for women to attend. Why do they have to drag us into this ceremonial bulls***?

Brent from St Cloud, MN


Here's my response:

Wow Brent,

I sense your frustration. First thing is, you have to find out where your wife could have hidden your balls. Judging by the fact that you gave them up in the first place, I'm guessing they are small and could be anywhere and difficult to find. When and if you find them, make it clear you are unavailable to celebrate her co worker's fertilized egg. If you fail to locate your missing nads, have a cup of tea and a crumpet for me.  Hope this helps. .



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