This summer, other than the pandemic, coronavirus, COVID-19, shut downs, unemployment and the like, the biggest story we heard about, and watched at great length was the death of George Floyd.

George Floyd's Brother Holds Prayer Vigil At Memorial Site
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This was top of the news for weeks, months, actually, we are all still talking about it.  The four officers involved were all arrested and indicted on separate charges.  They were to be tried together, however.   There are many people who feel that this is just, and that they all should pay for the crime in the death of George Floyd the same.  But, is it the same?  There is a case to be made that it isn't.

Derek Chauvin was the superior officer.  Almost all of us have seen the video that was taken by a bystander, and have heard the audio that accompanied the video.  We heard one of the officers ask if they should roll Floyd over when he stated that he couldn't breathe.  We all heard Chauvin say that "he's got this".  There were several other comments that surrounded the incident.  It brings the question as to if they officers should be tried together or not.

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I asked this question, it doesn't seem fair to do that, but I'm not completely versed on what is right in this situation and what isn't- emotions aside. We've all heard the public cry for them to all pay for the crime-equally.  As I understand the outrage, is this the way it should be?

Yesterday, a story from WCCO came out stating that Chauvin will be tried separately.  His trial will begin in March, and the other 3 will have their trials at a later date.  But all of the trials will be this year.  As far as what exactly that will mean for the officers involved, we will have to wait and see how that plays out. This story is still developing and we will have more information soon, I'm sure.

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