Hard to argue that Randy Moss was probably one of the best wide receivers in NFL history. Those were some exciting seasons with the Vikings and most wish we could have had him for a few more seasons.

Minnesota Vikings Practice and Media Availability
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Sure, Randy had his share of problems, both on and off the field. In recent appearances, Moss has seemed to have mellowed out a bit.

Recently there was a post on Instagram from the account @mnsportsnews talking about wide receivers coach Darrell Hazell parting ways with the Vikings. Randy left a comment "Ask me what I think of coaching?!?!"


One can only hope Moss was serious. I'm sure Thielen and Diggs would be on board with having Moss as the Viking's wide receiver coach.

Just something to think about, if Moss is seriously interested in joining the Viking's coaching staff. I for one would be all for it and I think most that watch Moss thrill the fans for those seasons with the Vikes.

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