When you plan a road trip and you are a pet owner, mostly a dog owner, as you would need to find a dog sitter when you go away. Unlike a cat, depending on the amount of time you would be gone.  Dogs like to have more human interaction, plus they do need to be let out to relieve themselves on a regular basis.  So, what do you do?

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When we go on a road trip, we will bring our 10 pound Cavachon along whenever we can.  We check with hotels beforehand to make sure they are pet friendly.  And honestly, more and more hotels are pet friendly, it's very nice.

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But what to do when you go to a restaurant?  Especially if you go out to eat during the summertime when leaving your pet in the vehicle is absolutely not happening, or at least should not happen.  More and more restaurants have been allowing dogs to accompany their customers to bring their pets along, and sit in outdoor seating options.  I was surprised to find so many of these restaurants around Minnesota.  It kind of warms my heart.

The downside is someone having their pet there, and it's not at all well behaved.  That could be rather distracting. Or, if someone owns a pet that is large and could potentially grab  food from a person dining on the patio.  Let's hope that the owners would have better control of their pets.

You can check out the link for Minnesota restaurants that allow dogs with outdoor seating- it's a website called bringfido.com  And they stretch from Duluth to Southern Minnesota.

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Time to plan a road trip with your furry friend!

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