I don't know about you, but I feel like the "Corona 15" is a real thing.  Remember when you went off to college and everyone was talking about the "Freshman 15"?  Well, that was real and so was this.

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So, since one of life's simple  pleasures is eating out.  And right now, if you choose to do that, the best thing is to really eat out...  outside.  But it always seems that if you are tying to enjoy an "out to eat" meal, it usually comes with some unwanted calories.  Like my mom used to always say 'calories taste good'.  I concur.

Tim Boyle, Getty Images
Tim Boyle, Getty Images

I found that you actually can eat out at some places and have a relatively healthy meal without it being a salad.  I actually love a good salad, and if you do order that, make sure you get the dressing on the side so you don't overload your salad with a possible high calorie dressing.

Olive Garden.

They have a delicious way to have pasta and  not have near the calories and carbs that you would normally have.  Zoodles.  It's a dish with zucchini and your choice of chicken or salmon.


If you like salmon, this is the way to go!  They have a Blackened  cajun salmon.   It's spicy and low in calories and fat content and high in protein.  Win-win!


Now this is a place that we have always known to have some healthy options.  But some are definitely more healthy than others.  Try the rotisserie style chicken sandwich.  Then load up on the veggies that you get to choose.


This restaurant is new to the St. Cloud area.  And yes, you do need to deal with the closed on Sunday situation, but they have some healthy options too.  One of the best is their Grilled Cool-Wrap.  This wrap has grilled chicken and some lettuce in it.  Yum!


Yes. Starbucks.  They have a wrap that consists to cage free egg whites, spinach and feta cheese.  It might be more expensive than you'd like to normally pay, but it's convenient and a healthy option.


This is really my favorite go-to.  I order my burrito bowl (no tortilla) leaving out the tortilla shell will save you approximately 350 wasted calories.  Not at all needed.  Then I generally skip the rice, just go with the black beans.  Lots of protein there.  Get the grilled chicken, bean salsa, lettuce and just a little bit of the delicious guac.  You can add the fajita veggies if you would like too, I usually skip those as I'm not a pepper fan.

Happy, healthy eating!

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