So, yes I have seen some people wearing fanny packs.  As much as I think it's a general fashion faux pas, I have seen them.  And I remember them from before too.  But that doesn't at all mean that I am going to be embracing this "fashion" trend.  I use what would be air quotes because I don't really buy into the whole idea that fanny packs were ever in "fashion".  That is other than a fashion NO.


And now reports are saying that fanny packs are "back" in fashion.  No they aren't.  They are garbage.  If you use one... well good for you, but they are still a no.  I do see that there could be uses for them- such as at an amusement park, perhaps.  But basically I don't really see any reason to use these where you could just get away with a small cross body hand bag instead.  WHY???

Maybe men?  But then you may have to hand over that man card.  I'm just sayin...