We do live in this culture... everything like RIGHT NOW!  Well, not everything runs that way, but some things do.  And you can usually get them for pretty cheap too.  Because you know, we want it fast and right now.  So, restaurants need to comply as much as possible.

Tim Boyle, Getty Images

Here are the best fast food items that you can get for a buck.    Burger King has the regular cheeseburger.  But here in St. Cloud they closed the one on the East side, so you have to go to the one on 33rd.  McDonald's has the McChicken. Taco Bell has the shredded chicken mini quesadillas.  Wendy's has the Buffalo Chicken Ranch sandwich, and Jimmy John's has not a sandwich, per se, but they do have day old bread for a buck.  So then you can make your own... win win.

Jimmy John's, photo by WJON.com's Dan DeBaun

Right now- this weekend you can go to the Benton County Fair and feed your face. It might not be a buck, in fact it will probably be significantly more than that... but it's once a year.  Feed your face, people!!

Happy Weekend!