The shooting that happened November 29th, 2012 has been somewhat of a mystery since that night.  Now the files from the investigation have been released.  There is really no new news.  The main suspect from the shooting committed suicide, but left a couple of notes.  One of which said in part that he couldn't "handle it anymore".  Eric Thomes was the lead suspect in the case, and he hanged himself on January 2nd of 2013.

The case was officially closed in April of this year.  5 years after the incident.  There were no other suspects, and everyone felt it was time to close this chapter.  Mostly for healing for the family as well as the community.

As far as a motive, there doesn't seem to be one, or no one can identify one.  Officer Decker was shot and killed after a answering a call, and doing a welfare check in an apartment above a bar in Cold Spring.

Questions still remain, and may never be answered.


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