I'd love to know what this guy was using for bait. I can't imagine the surprise this guy got reeling in that much cocaine, or any cocaine at all.

When I did a 7 to midnight show on a radio station in Florida, 25 or so years ago, I would ever so often get calls from people telling me that bails of pot were floating up on the beach. I guess it was kind of a common occurrence, as smugglers would dump their load while being pursued by the Coast Guard.


This is probably the case with this fisherman's catch. I don't thin that I would have told anyone, though, in the event the owner of the cocaine would come looking for me and his drugs.

This fisherman in question was fishing about 70 miles of the coast of South Carolina when he pulled in somewhere between 30 to 50 kilos of cocaine. Once he realized what he was dealing with he contacted the Coast Guard. Authorities praised the fisherman for doing the "right thing".

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