Here it is... Friday the 13th and everyone thinks... OH NO!  Mostly because we also have a very rare full moon along with the "unlucky" date.

Hulton Archive/Getty Images

So, what are the superstitions regarding Friday the 13th, and why is this day considered to be so unlucky?  After doing some research I found this...

And get this... there is actually a word for people who have this extreme fear of this day...  paraskevidekatriaphobes.  I feel like add it to all the other crazy phobias that people can have.  Well, seemingly crazy, anyway.  And one person's crazy might be someone else's normal.

Throughout the years, people have been afraid of some superstitions... and generally these are at any time.  Like I know people who worry about breaking a mirror, or walking under a ladder, that type of thing.  Then add the actual Friday the 13th date, and it gets even worse.  Here is a list of some people's superstitions...

Personally, I think the rabbits foot thing is really gross.  I remember people having those as key chains when I was a kid.  I really didn't think too much of it...and now I just think it's completely disgusting.  Why would you carry around an animal's foot???

Do you have any superstitions?