Here is the thing... I don't really know if it is going to have some sort of special flavor or not.. but here is the thing... if you are a person that is super sad that this is the final season, and you are also a person who eats their feelings, then the people at Nabisco are here for you.

The new GOT cookies should be out and ready to go by the time the next season begins in April.  The cookies will come in some very cool packaging.  You might want to just keep the package and not eat them.  Ahhhh, who am I kidding?  Who doesn't actually EAT the Oreos???  I mean, come on, they are OREOS after all.  And they are delicious!

Maybe they will be some special dragon food or something?

Full disclosure, I still haven't seen the series.  I'll probably watch it after EVERYONE else has seen everything and some new show has taken it's place.  That's usually how I roll.

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