Rock legend Ozzy Osbourne turns the big 71 today. I'm just guessing he remembers maybe half of those years, but that's okay. It's Ozzy F'ing Osbourne, man!   I'd bet that even Ozzy is a little surprised he's managed to live this long.

I've been a fan of Ozzy throughout his career. I remember jamming out to Black Sabbath's first album in my car in high school. I saw him  few times in concert and enen had the opportunity to meet him a couple of times. He was always very cordial and polite. Never had that "I a rock star" bulls*t attitude.


So today. we salute Ozzy Osbourne, the rock legend for 50 years.  And we should probably do a shout out to his wife Sharon, who is probably most responsible for keeping Ozzy alive and making music.

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