Who doesn't  have a frozen pizza in the freezer right now?  I'm sure that we have at least 3 or 4.  And we have those pretty much at all times.  It's one of those staples in a freezer for most people.  But here's the thing. How often are you replacing those pizzas?

I don't think  we ever let pizza get older than just a couple or maybe a few months in our freezer.  But everyone in our family loves pizza and it usually doesn't last very long.

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October is National Pizza Month. And what a better way to celebrate that by giving away enough pizza for a year.  I think about that, and pizza for a year could really depend  on how much pizza an average person consumes.  Is it a pizza a week?  Is it a pizza month?  Exactly what constitutes free pizza for a year?

Papa Murphy's generally prides themselves on having the freshest ingredients and would like to "free" people from frozen discs that they consider some sort of pizza.  So, if you have some old pizzas in your freezer, check the date. If it's super old, Papa Murphy's wants to hear from you.

Papa Murphy's in St. Cloud is located at 25 14th Ave S.

This contest runs from today (October 1) through the 8th of October.  Basically you have a week to dig  through your freezer and find the slabs of sadness  that once  may have resembled a frozen pizza.  This is the next step:

Looks like they will award 3 people free pizza, and a freezer with a gift card to fill the freezer with good freezer food.  Veggies, meat and of course, ice cream.  Normal freezer food.  I wonder how they will monitor that one?  But hey, it's a chance for free pizza and more.   Enter!  And good luck!

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