We just moved into our new home in Sartell and it doesn't come with a microwave. I'm starving and lost without one. What in the world can I cook quickly without a microwave?

Seriously, what house doesn't come with a microwave? I thought they made them to go above the stove now? So now I have to go buy a microwave to put on my counter and take up counter space. This isn't getting done until this weekend, so I need to figure out some ways to cook quick means on the stove and oven. Do you have any suggestions?

Another thing...our washer/dryer are from outer space. They are these high efficiency monsters that have holes for all kinds of detergents and fabric softeners, along with settings for things I haven't ever heard of. I'm afraid if I try to use this thing I'll end up with clothes that will fit barbie dolls.

Why can't things just be the same as I had it before...

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