Public speaking was thought to be the #1 fear. Apparently that is no longer the case. I think that's because social media and reality shows have created this "celebrity-ism" that many are seeking now. People are less afraid to put themselves out there.

Public speaking is still a big fear for people, just not #1. I'm not a fan of it either (I know, I work in radio). I also do not like snakes, needles and confined spaces. But I don't fear them to the point where they cripple me like some people. Here are the top ten fears in America according to a new survey.

1.  Snakes,  51% 

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2.  Heights, 38%.

3.  The Dentist, 23%.

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4.  Confined spaces, a.k.a. claustrophobia, 21%.

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5.  Needles, 21%.


6.  Clowns, 18%.


7.  Public speaking, 17%.

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8.  The dark, 15%.

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9.  Flying, 14%.

10.  Birds, 5%.  

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