Have you tried the new Skinny Freezers?  I call them Buzz Pops but whatever you call them, they could come in handy on those blisteringly hot Minnesota Summer days.


Basically, it's just a freeze pop with vodka added. Mom and Dad best keep them separate in the freezer to avoid any daycare brawls or lethargic, opinionated kids. Lord knows, they tend to talk back enough.

These could come in extremely handy on those days hanging by the pool or beach..No mixing messy drinks or hauling around all your festive ingredients.

Pick your favorite from several different flavors.,lemon, lime. lemonade and cherry. But be sure to chew or suck responsibly. Wow, you sure don't hear that often. These buzz pops, or whatever you want to call them, should be available in most liquor stores.  If not, just ask if they can stock them. They'll appreciate you keeping them up on the latest in escaping reality.

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