This is the time for travel... a lot of people travel over the Christmas and New Year's holidays.  And sometimes you might get stuck staying in a hotel that is less than what was advertised either online or in a brochure.


These are some of the most crazy ones.  And I can tell you that I have kind of experienced the toilet paper ones... maybe not to the extreme that they have here in this link, but it has been fairly far from the ol' ter-lit.

You have to wonder how many engineers, architects, designers, employees, etc have looked at some of these things and wondered where their life has gotten them.  It's just crazy.  And photographers... what are you thinking with some of these?

If booking a hotel in some unknown area... make sure you check the reviews.  And not the ones that are included on their own website.  Those are never trustworthy.  Look at tripadvisor or something along those lines.

Happy travel season!

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