I know a lot of people have pets who are afraid of loud noises from fireworks on the 4th of July, or thunder that seem to send them into a panic.  My little dog has never had that issue, thank goodness, but many do.  These are Baxter's dogs, and they have issues with loud noises.


I have seen the comfort vest type things that people can buy, and it just sort of wraps them up in some comforting feeling.  But the problem is that they can still hear the noise.  Would be great to have some earplugs or noise cancelling head phones made for dogs like we have for people.

Revelling Pups
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Now, this kennel might just be the answer to that issue.  It's a noise cancelling kennel!  How cool is that?  That way when something scary happens they actually can run into the kennel and feel like it's their "safe place" and not hear the noise that is scaring them.  Plus, it's comfortable.  Win-win!

Great gift idea, huh?

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