I in no way condone underage drinking but we all know it happens. Just one of those things, ya know?

beer glasses

I remember my first beer. I must have been about 14 and my friends and I got a guy to buy us a six pack of Cold Spring beer. I think it was about $1.25 for a 6-pack at the liquor store. It was so bad I don't think I had another beer until a couple of years later.

Let me preface this with, I was not a good kid. There, that's better getting that out of the way. When I was sixteen, I walked into a liquor store in an attempt to purchase some beer for myself and friends. To my surprise, they sold it to me without blinking an eye. I made a point to chat with the clerk so he would remember me next time.

And he did. It got to the point where soon every Friday, our family phone was ringing of the hook with beer orders. My parents must have thought I was pretty popular.

Enough about my delinquent youth. When did you have your first beer?

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