This Minnesota winter has been awful long and never ending. Food and coping with the cold go hand-in-hand to comfort us. It's time to stop eating these breakfast foods that make us feel good, and take instant weight off.

We're overdue for nice weather by about a month, and it's depressing, plain and simple. If you're like me, you eat to feel better when you're down about something. I'm not a fan of winter and to cope, I eat comfort foods that aren't always healthy. Breakfast is the worst since I don't have a lot of time in the morning to make eggs and whole-wheat toast. I just grabbed whatever is in front of me and bring it with, and is the worst thing I could do.

Obviously we all know that Fruit Loops and Pop Tarts are terrible for you, but they're fast and easy to grab and go. Anybody trying to drop a couple pounds is going to avoid those by all means. What you might not know is that the following foods, that we assume are a healthy choice, are almost as bad for you as sugar cereal and Pop Tarts!


Bagel and Cream Cheese (Unhealthy)

The cream cheese is loaded with saturated fat, and one regular bagel is like eating four pieces of bread. So a better choice is HALF of a whole-wheat bagel, with avocado instead of cream cheese. You certainly need to have an acquired taste for avocado, but it contains the GOOD fats.

Flavored Yogurt (Unhealthy)

Plain yogurt with some fruit in it is a good choice. But just like instant oatmeal, other kinds of yogurt tend to have a lot of added sugar and very little healthy ingredients. Plop some yogurt in the blender with some protein powder and strawberries and banana for a healthy alternative.

Orange Juice (Unhealthy)

It's basically straight sugar if you don't squeeze it yourself. Most brands are processed at a really high temperature, which kills a lot of the nutrients. Sorry to say, but you're better off giving your kids water or milk versus orange juice in the morning.

If you have very little time to prepare a healthy breakfast, prep it the night before and put it in an easy to grab container! You can heat it up at work and it tastes almost as good. You'll notice how much weight comes off naturally within a month by looking a little closer and making some small's worth a try, at least to me.

I'll give you a quick breakfast idea that I've started eating often...

Cut up some strawberries, banana, and an orange into bite-size pieces. Put them in a cereal bowl and sprinkle some natural granola over the top with either 1% or skim milk. It's delicious, low sugar/fat, and full of nutrients. Your kids will even love it, much more than that sugary cereal as a matter of fact!

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