Soooo.... Ever been in a place where you thought you knew something, find out you don't and suddenly asking everyone else for HELP!!  That was me 3 weeks ago coming back here to the place I had started my radio career just over 17 years ago.

I thought I knew what I was doing, after all, I was here for like almost 9 years the last time, so it should be a snap, right?  WRONG!!!!  I get here, and everything is different.  Well, actually no, it's not.  I'M different.  Most of. the stuff is the same, I just have no idea how to use any of it anymore.

I find myself asking people, "Uhhhh.... what's your name?  Yeah, you... person who is like 15 years younger than me... ok, can you help me do this?" Politely I get a "yeah, sure, what do you need?"  In my head I'm pretty much saying 'well, I need help with everything having to do with broadcasting out of this studio and I'm at a complete loss' but instead I say "I just need to know what to push to make everything perfect so I can cut this spot (commercial) and not be on the air at the same time."  This very nice person gets everything ready for me and then asks if I've been on the air at all since I left 9 years ago.    I should have just said "NO!" but instead I tell him the truth and say "yeah, like over 17 years".  You should have seen the look that I got.  HA!!


Laura Bradshaw
Laura Bradshaw


I should really know what I'm doing, right?  It is seriously like I just started this career all over.  Funny thing, is it's not the talking into a mic stuff, it's all the other stuff that regular people don't know about.  Behind the scenes in radio stuff.  And every place you work it's a bit different than it was in the last place.  So- back to square one.  Be patient!  I'll get it.  Wow... talk about feeling a bit inept.


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