Yesterday I wanted a coffee so I drove to Target that is so close to the station here on the East Side of St. Cloud.  Super convenient.  I made a quick call on the way over- yes, I realize that it's only a couple of blocks, but I thought the conversation would be a quick one.


So, I'm still on the phone as I walk into Target.  Still thinking I'd be done with the conversation by the time it was my turn to order.  There is usually a line, and I have to wait.  Yesterday, not so much.  Figures.  The one time I need the line to be there there isn't one, and I get to order almost immediately.  I'm still on the phone, and couldn't cut off the person, and the conversation was important.  But good grief, maybe I should have just stepped aside until the conversation ended.  Nope- I ask the person on the phone to hang on a second while I order my coffee.  Then I return to the conversation on the phone.

Laura Bradshaw

Yes, I was THAT girl yesterday.  That is so rude, isn't it?  Or is that ok?  I wasn't being overly loud or anything.  But I just think the focus should be on what is in front of you instead of what is on the phone.