Yes, i confess. I've been a Vikings fan since I can remember. In fact, I go way back to the Joe Capp days. Joe was famous for throwing up some ducks, in his time.


I remember the Purple People Eaters and the days where it seemed the only play the Vikings had was the fullback up the middle. When I lived in San Diego in the 70's, I went to a Chargers game and remember thinking to myself "You can throw the ball?. I wonder if the Vikings know this?"

I watched the Vikings go to four Super Bowls and lose. But, hell, they went to the Superbowl.

I have to admit that the Vikings have caused me a lot of anguish but at the same time, when they were playing good, they made me proud.

One positive note from yesterday's blowout, our new kicker didn't mess up.

So, I'm not too quick to criticize because I know it's just a game. In any game, you win some and you lose some. And I'll just keep my fingers and eyes crossed that they better this week.


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