Actually, it's an alligator in your pants!  What??  Yes....

Here's the story.  And it's out of guess where.... Florida.  I was going to give you three guesses on that one but figured why??

A guy was pulled over by the police.  He had run through a stop sign and was pulled over.  Makes sense, right?  Well, yeah, until they decided to search the vehicle.  Not sure why that happened, maybe because it was 3am and it seems weird to have people just driving around at that time of day?? Or night, as the case may be.  During their search they found a bag full of turtles.  Weird, right?  So they asked the woman if she had anything else.  She proceeds to pull out a foot long baby alligator out of her pants!!!!!  First of all, WHY??  And second of all, who sticks an alligator down their pants??  This story is so weird.

You can read the full story here.