Ok, alligator wack a mole might be a stretch... because of course we don't want to be causing any harm to the alligators.  Not only that, but the ice is probably not think enough to hold a person walking on it.


But how weird is this?  When the water, usually a pond, freezes in areas where there are alligators, they seem to know exactly when the water is going to freeze and they stick their snouts out at just the right time.  They sort of stay there in a kind of suspended animation until it thaws, then they just basically go about their day.  It's got to be one of the weirdest things that I have ever seen.

What other animal do you know of that does this weird thing?  I mean, what if the ice was thick enough to walk on?  You might trip over an alligator snout.  Maybe the teeth are worth stealing... KIDDING!!!  I would never do that......