Fair on 4 is now open at Mall of America.  We heard that this was coming, now it has finally opened up.


This seems so cool, like there is something for everyone.  There's Go-Karts, Axe Throwing, and a few other fair-inspired activities.   The Go-Kart track is one of the only multi-level tracks in North America according to their website.  Plus there is a boat-load of fair inspired food.  When we missed out on the state fair last year, that has put so many people in the mood for some fair type fun.  Not only missed out on the state fair, basically all of the county fairs too. We need this.

And the fact that it is indoors is even better.  No worries about the weather, and we can enjoy this all year long!  And for the fun that you get, seems to be fairly affordable, well, it seems pretty comparable to normal fair prices that you would run into. And this track looks a bit more involved than a normal go-kart track that you would see outside.

From an article in Bring Me the News:

It costs $23-$28 per race (each race is 7-10 minutes, plus a pre-race briefing and safety instruction session) and includes a helmet head sock. Each session runs 15-20 minutes total.

That's some solid entertainment there. Plus, the axe throwing.  That can be really fun.  It does sound a little barbaric, but it's actually a lot of fun, and really safe too if you follow the rules.  And they do go over everything with you prior to throwing any axes.

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They also have an extensive menu too.  You can check out their Facebook page for more information.

Definitely looks like something that would be at least worth a look-see.

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