It's Friday and you know what that means, another round of lame jokes from Johnny UMF.  This week he came in with another 2 jokes for us.  But we didn't get the usual "these two are the best ones!"  That was surprising, because that is usually what comes after the announcement that he has a couple of jokes ready for us.


So, the first joke is a "Little Johnny" joke.  Little Johnny is usually kind of a dirty little kid, but this time he wasn't really dirty as much as he was just inappropriate.

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The second one deals with a dead horse and a raffle.  It went a little something like this:

What did you think?  The second one was mildly funny, right?  Or maybe the first one was, or maybe they were both just kind of terrible.

Next week Johnny U is going on tour and won't be here with us.  He will hopefully come back with some better jokes from his travels. But I wouldn't hold my breath...

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