So- you would think that with the holiday break, Johnny would have come up with some better material.  Apparently the jokes have gotten even worse for the new year.  Happy New Year!

This morning John came in with his usual 2 jokes.  One is very short, and the other is one that you may crack a sort of smile after listening.

This poor guy.  I'm not sure where he gets his jokes, but I think I would try and find a new source, or go to a few comedy shows and steal their material. (kidding).  Maybe he should just hit up a book store and get some jokes from actual joke books.  I think that the ones geared towards the 4th grade might be the best ones.  After all, the things that people think are funny are usually the easy humor.

So, Johnny will be back again next Friday right around 7:35,  He'll have some more jokes.  I wish him... and us... good luck!


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