Formed in 1987, Kingdom Come's line-up featured players from both Germany and America. The German born Lenny Wolf and the only remaining member of the group, today, was instrumental in putting the band together.

It was the introduction to Bob Rock, who had also worked with Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and Metallica at the time, that really got the wheel to spin.

Bob and Lenny mixed "Get It On" at Jimi Hendrix's New York studio, Electric Ladyland. During the mixing session, John Kalodner, an Atlantic Records A&R executive who signed Foreigner, AC/DC and Phil Collins to name a few,  stopped by to say "hi" and asked if he could take a cassette of the song.

The legend says that the tape ended up  in Detroit, MI, at a rock station that played the song apparently without anyone in the band or the record company (Polygram) knowing about it. Oddly enough, after hearing it, other stations actually recorded the song off the air to play.

Rock stations in Detroit couldn't keep the phone on the hook, and the song transferred to the entire country within weeks, finally ending up as the #4 song on the Mainstream Rock Chart and #69 on the Hot 100 in 1988. Their self-titled debut album shipped Gold before an actual record company approved single was even released. They became so popular, so quickly, that Van Halen booked them on the first ever Monster of Rock tour.

No one really knew the band or who they were, it was a mystery to the world of rock. Initially, many thought it was a new Led Zeppelin track, and it took months for the band to shake the comparison and find their own identity.

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