It's the glam rock band from late 80's to early  90's. Winger was formed in New York City and scored two Platinum Albums, "Winger" and "In The Heart Of The Young" to their credit.

Winger considered a hair band and like most had difficulties when, "Grunge" hit the scene and forced them to break up in 1994.

Winger was formed in 1987 by Kip Winger and was a former member of Alice Cooper's band as well as Reb Beach (lead guitarist) and Paul Taylor, Kip then asked Rod Morgenstein (former Dixie Dregs drummer) to join the band.

The Album,"Winger" produced such hits as "Madalaine", "Headed for a Heartbreak",  "Hungry", and "Seventeen".

In 1994 Kip Winger hit the road again but this time as a solo artist.


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